slideshow Introduction to the major Roman Deities:

Gods/Goddesses Internet Research Mini-Project

This is a bit of an outline or set of guidelines for this project.

Take your Roman deity and spend some time on the internet – maybe an hour, give or take a half hour – finding out information about that deity: domain, characteristics, attributes, powers, symbols, appearance (as represented in art), specific myths or stories, and that kind of thing. Make a hard copy of this internet research stuff.

Then assume that all the deities have been kicked out of Mount Olympus and have to find jobs in the “real world” of modern times. You are to “contemporize” your deity and tell us about him or her in today's world in light of his or her attributes, powers, activities, etc. What you do here is write up a paragraph (something between 75 and 150 words) explaining and describing who your deity has become - what specific person - and what your deity does in today's world and why. In addition, find a graphic on the internet that represents your deity in contemporary society and "paste" it into a document with your paragraph. Include links to the web-pages you used to inform yourself as a bibliography or list of sources.

This paper is to be a word-processed document using Word, OpenOffice, NeoOffice, WordPerfect, Nisus ExpressWriter or similar application.

Submit your project to me by attachment to an email to me ( We will also devote some time in class on a "culture Friday" to discussing these projects so that we all learn something about each of these deities.

The grading standards will include evaluations of
1) use of internet to find information,
2) comprehending and evaluating that information,
3) making use of your understanding of that information in an original and creative way in light of
4) your perceptions and understanding of present-day society and its phenomena.
Conventions of grammar and orthography apply to your paragraph, as do essential principles of clarity and expressiveness.

Here are a couple samples:
Ianus - Mercury