Règles pour les Arbres Généalogiques
French 1

Your product will include members of one’s immediate family, including grandparents, parents, sibling(s) of parents, brothers & sisters, and the children of at least one of your parent’s brother or sister. Refer to page 34 for words and spellings.

It will include images of these family members, including yourself. They may be actual or imaginary.

It will contain a notation of each individual’s name and a description of each one’s relationship to you.

The product will be a word-processed document, with images pasted in using cut/copy/paste, and with proper French accents (using the Insert, Symbols menu; or key-stroke shortcuts)

Transmission will be by email to Mr. Snyder’s school account, or by some sort of media transportation device sometimes called a jumpdrive, or a flashdrive,

Deadline – See Lesson Plans or announcement on board or both