Review of the Review by Dennis Schwartz on “Marie Antoinette”


The movie Marie Antoinette is about the Princess of Austria Marie Antoinette and her life in Versailles as the Queen of France, with her dauphin Louis XVI.

The movie does not focus on the politic part of her live more on how and why she got dragged into the extravagant and lavish expenditure on luxuries live.


I think the movie did a good job showing that she was too young and too inexperienced to be king, as well as her dauphin.

I do agree with the reviewer that the movie is giving us a more sympathetic look at Marie Antoinette and her lifestyle but I think it focused too much on the partying.

It becomes lame after a while and all the magnificent costumes and exaggerated colors make it look too dolly-like.

Additionally makes the soundtrack the movie even more unreal and takes all the basic approaches of seriousness away.

It just doesn’t fit if you have a ball in the Age of Enlightenment and you see the people dance to music from the 70’s.

My biggest issue is that the movie despites Marie Antoinette historical value.

Her behavior let to a necessary revolution and a major change in European history, and the movie disregards all that.